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Friday, November 14, 2014

Veteran's Day 2014

I stress about our Veteran's Day ceremony each year, not because it is an assembly or event to plan; but because it is so important to me to pay proper tribute to our servicemen.  It is difficult to communicate to our students the depth of the sacrifice these men and women have made for each of us--inspire in them the desire to act with solemn remembrance during the ceremony. We had a beautiful morning, delicious pastries, good coffee; and our students showed such respect both during the ceremony and afterward.  I know that many of them do not now understand the profound meaning of this holiday; but I hope that as they grow and begin to learn more, they will remember that during their childhood at South Side Elementary School, we held our heroes in high esteem.  

The video below is in memory of our local veterans; from Veteran's Day 2014 at South Side Elementary School.

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